Michael Gregorio

CRY WOLF (Severn House)


1st APRIL 2015




What the critics are saying about CRY WOLF

'Cry Wolf is a hard-boiled thriller written at break-neck pace of political corruption and organised, very violent crime' Mike Ripley (Getting Away With Murder)

"Outstanding writing, a suspenseful and terrifying plot, and enough twists to keep even the most seasoned reader guessing. A terrific read that belongs in all mystery collections." Booklist (starred review)

"This series kick-off features some deliciously dry humour and a lively, tough-minded plot." Kirkus Reviews

"This strong first in a new thriller series captures the grisly incongruities of mob relationships and the hypocrisies of Italian marital accommodations in a stark tale of violent murder and rampant political corruption." Publishers Weekly


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