Meet the authors

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We live in Spoleto, a small town in central Italy with our cats, Tigretta and Topastris. We have been writing full-time since 2006.

Daniela De GregorioDaniela De Gregorio

'I was born in Spoleto, Italy, and I studied Philosophy at the University of Perugia. I began work as a journalist and art critic. When Mike came to Italy, we lived in Mestre in the north of Italy, and I began to teach in Venice. My father, Giuseppe De Gregorio was a renowned abstract painter, while my mother had been elected 'Miss Spoleto' shortly after the Second World War.
There was only one avenue left open to me - writing about crime and foul deeds!'

If you’d like to see some examples of my father’s work, please check out



Michael G. JacobMichael G. Jacob

'I went to De La Salle grammar school in Liverpool. After studying English at university, I taught Eng Lit for nine years. I moved to Italy in 1980 when Dani and I got married. I had always wanted to write a crime novel, and in Italy I found the time to do it. The rest, as they say, is history...