Who is Hanno Stiffeniis?

Hanno StiffeniisHanno Stiffeniis is a magistrate in the small town of Lotingen in East Prussia.

A former pupil of Immanuel Kant, Hanno seems content to live his life in provincial obscurity. He has a wife and children, social status and civic responsibilities.

But fate has other things in store for Hanno Stiffeniis.

A killer is stalking the streets of Königsberg, and Professor Kant intends to catch him. But the philosopher is old and needs help, a younger man who will do the footwork, a faithful follower to apply his singular scientific method of criminal investigation. Indeed, it is rumoured that Kant has written a book on the subject: A Critique of Criminal Reason...

Thus begins the saga of a Prussian magistrate caught up in the Napoleonic wars, his home invaded by the hated French, his loyalties torn between justice and patriotism.

Stiffeniis is no detective, but he has an inquisitive mind, and he will go wherever Kant leads him.

Even to the edge of insanity?

There are four books in the Hanno Stiffeniis series: Critique of Criminal Reason (2006), Days of Atonement (2007), A Visible Darkness (2009), and Unholy Awakening (2010).

We planned to write five novels, so there is still one more in the pipeline.