Foreign Editions

Our favourite international book covers

Unholy Awakening

Unholy Awakening (Faber UK)

We really love this one. It’s bursting with atmosphere and menace, but there’s something playful and ironic beneath the surface. And that was precisely how we thought Unholy Awakening should be!

A Visible Darkness

A Visible Darkness (Einaudi Stile Libero, Italy)

An insect trapped in amber. Just like Hanno Stiffeniis. The amber harvested on the Baltic coast contained exotic creatures unknown to Man, while scientists wondered whether this was evidence which proved the existence of the Garden of Eden...

Days of Atonement

Days of Atonement (Querido, Holland)

Daniela loves Victorian jewellery, so this detail from a painting by Franz Xavier Winterhalter was an immediate winner. At the same time, there is a sensuous intimacy and secrecy in the gesture of the and hand finger which echoes the ambiguity of the story.

Critique of Criminal Reason

Critique of Criminal Reason (Kadokawa Shoten, Japan)

Japanese in form (the book comes in two tiny volumes for easy reading), the choice of a Baroque still life entitled “Vanitas” by Stephen Stosskopf seemed to sum up perfectly all the components of Critique of Criminal Reason.