Who is Seb Cangio?

Seb CangioSebastiano Cangio studies wolves in Calabria in the south of Italy.

The Calabrian mafia, known as the ’Ndrangheta, is expanding its empire.

When Cangio witnesses a clan killing, he is forced to flee to London.

He feels safe there, but he misses the wolves, the mountains, his Ph.D studies at the university.

So, when an earthquake devastates Umbria, he decides to return.

As post quake rebuilding begins, Cangio starts work as an assistant ranger in a national park with special responsibility for the wolf population. It’s a dream come true. But then the past catches up with him...

An ’Ndrangheta clan has set its sights on Umbria.

And a clan killer recognises Seb Cangio.

Should he run, or should he stay and fight?

There are now three books in the series: Cry Wolf (2015), Think Wolf (2016), and Lone Wolf, which will be published in May, 2017.

As you will have guessed, he stays and fights!