Your Money or your lifeYour Money or Your Life (Y/A)

They are artists and vagabonds.
Spanish John and his men travel 16th century Italy painting church frescoes. They do it for money... and hope the client will pay. The church in the remote mountain village of Gavelli has been struck by an earthquake. It seems like an ordinary job. But it’s not...
With a picaresque tale full of life and colour, novelist Michael Gregorio takes you back to the Renaissance - but not as you ever imagined it.

The river killersThe River Killers (Y/A)

Illustrated by Enrique Breccia

We are deep in the Amazon jungle.
A small group of natives – men, women and children – live inside a fertile gorge in which flows the Sacred Stream.
They call the river Mother; she is their god, their source of plenty…
One day, the level of the water is low.
The next day, the water is a mere trickle.
The day after, Mother is nothing more than a stinking muddy ditch. The fish are dying. The animals have no water. The Bakairi people are desperate.
The sacred valley seems doomed...